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About Wildly

I may be called a wood hoarder but I like to think I’m rescuing the wood. I’m completely in love with wood grains and wood textures and can’t stand to see beautiful wood tossed away. I'm on a mission to save all of the perfectly good wood that's discarded on curbs or trash piles and repurpose it as beautiful air plant havens to help bring a bit of wild into your space. Each piece of wood is cut, shaped, sanded and finished be me. I love bringing discarded wood to life and watching the wood grains pop when I’m finishing a piece.

It all started back in 2017.

Well, the idea for Wildly Urban started then but I’ve always been in love with creating, making things, gardening and the outdoors. From magazine cut out collages to planting my moms flower beds when growing up. I’ve admired countless Pinterest pictures and have watched the handmade resurgence take off with Etsy.

So back to how it started…

My husband had started his own custom fabrication business and started collecting large wood slabs for furniture projects, which is where the obsession with wood grains began. I slowly started learning about the different types of wood and getting comfortable with the tools to cut and sand wood.

While working on various projects, he often had offcuts that would get tossed to the side, destined for the trash or fire pit. Some pieces were fairly general, like a simple pine 2x4, but others were pretty pieces of oak, maple or walnut. I started collecting the pieces, stacking and setting them aside. I knew I could do something with them. They were too pretty to just be tossed away. I started cutting the wood into small blocks, playing with different shapes. Around the same time I learned about air plants. The curious little plant that doesn’t need dirt to survive. Ah ha, a perfect partner for the wood blocks. So I drilled a few holes in some of the blocks, ordered a few air plants from an online supplier and ta-da - I had made myself the cutest little desk accessory. So I took it to work, set it on my desk in my little cubicle in corporate America and admired my work. Others around me admired it too. A few even asked me to make them one. So I did and I started thinking, that maybe I could sell these little creations. I made a few more along with a few chalkboards and wood wall decor. It seems like once I started creating, the ideas started pouring in. Everything was an inspiration.